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Building Envelope Asset Manager
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We Keep Listening to Our Community of Users

BEAM AdvantageTM was developed by a team of facility and property managers, roofing and building envelope professionals, and software professionals. The developers at Propeller Head Software listened carefully to the needs of our users. We took the time to learn about your business (our President and lead developer has extensive first-hand experience in the roofing and construction industry). After extensive testing and feedback, we hit the mark in 1998. That's when we released the first version of RoofManager®, which eventually evolved into BEAM AdvantageTM - a sophisticated, flexible, powerful, yet easy-to-use roof asset management database application.

That was just the beginning. Understanding that good, long term business relationships are built on solid partnerships, not transaction-driven sales, we have continued to listen to feedback from our community of users and implement their suggestions. What were some of the more commonly voiced concerns? Our users wanted to focus on roofing and building asset management, and were tired of…

  • wasting time trying to organize, retrieve and generate reports from unrelated flat files of information like spreadsheets and databases
  • wasting time on duplicate entry or efforts
  • being tied to their desk due to desktop software
  • the expense of buying new servers every 3 or 4 years
  • the expense involved in data migration and configuring new servers
  • the expense and responsibility of backing up data and providing for disaster recovery plans

The evolution to BEAM AdvantageTM

As a result we took our mature robust system, with years of development and a proven track record, and coupled it with today’s technology. RoofManager® went from a desktop platform to web-based cloud technology including a FREE Mobile App. Our ultimate goal was to give you real time access from anywhere in the world through a secure internet connection. No longer did our customers have to absorb the expense of onsite technical staff and frequent software upgrades. Now they could store all their data in one centralized database and instantly share and retrieve that data, which could be input directly from the field into BEAM AdvantageTM from your smart phone or tablet.

Today, we still lead the field with the best building envelope asset management software on the market, and we have even bigger benefits just on the horizon.

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