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BEAM Advantage Building Envelope Asset Management software F.A.Q.

I. About BEAM Advantage TM Building Envelope Asset Management software

Q1. Does BEAM AdvantageTM have standard reports?

Yes, Building Envelope Asset ManagerTM has more than thirty standard reports out-of-the-box that can be branded with your logo and company information. These reports have been created over time with input from our clients. You can create custom reports using MS Excel and data easily exported from BEAM AdvantageTM. You can also create more advanced reports using MS Access or Crystal Reports.

Q2. What are the benefits of using BEAM AdvantageTM?

  • Real-time client information at your fingertips, so you can answer questions on the spot and make better decisions faster
  • Flexible and customizable - adapting readily to changing business practices
  • Highly scalable — expanding easily to accommodate growth
  • More intuitive — end users can do things that used to require a programmer
  • Consolidates information — providing more visibility across the business
  • Streamlines business processes — freeing up employees and resources
  • Enhances communication — more collaboration internally among employees and externally with partners
  • Your critical information is available from anywhere with a secure internet connection
  • Eliminates repetitive data entry
  • Input Data from the field with any internet connected device
  • Eliminates the hassle and expense of data migration to new servers
  • Data is backed-up daily in our two facilities
  • Permanent centralized storage of data
  • Multiple office locations are no problem, data can be viewed simultaneously by several parties
  • No more separate piles of data - a fully integrated and normalized relational database
  • Instant retrieval of building, service and business contact information
  • System upgrades are instantly available to you at no additional cost
  • Remote training available at your convenience
  • State-of-the-art technology at a small business price

Q3. What exactly is BEAM AdvantageTM?

BEAM AdvantageTM is a web-based centralized database system to help you manage your building envelop asset data, document inspections, create full color proposals, document leaks and work orders, prioritize your work and assist with budgeting. The solution is used by facility and property managers, roofing contractors, and roof consultants.

Q4. Does your software have the ability to help calculate Estimated Remaining Service Life?

Yes, BEAM AdvantageTM includes an ERSL utility to help you graphically present the deterioration curve of your roof and how repairs can extend the life of the roof.

Q5. Is BEAM AdvantageTM an estimating software package?

Not really, BEAM AdvantageTM does have the ability to help you estimate repairs and re-roofs from an ongoing maintenance perspective, but it does not allow for take-offs and the other features found in true estimating software.

Q6. Does your product have a drawing program built in?

No, there are plenty of software systems on the market that offer electronic drawing capability. AutoCAD is a more detailed solution, but many of our clients find MS Visio to be all they need. MS Visio is a simple and easy to use drawing program developed by Microsoft.

Q7. Do you have a proprietary database?

BEAM AdvantageTM utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as the underlying database. Microsoft SQL Server is the predominant business class database used worldwide.

Q8. How does your system integrate with my current accounting software?

BEAM AdvantageTM has the ability to export financial information out of the system into an Excel spreadsheet and comma - delimited formats. This information can then be imported into your accounting software and manipulated any way you want.

Q9. Is it easy to customize your system to meet my business specific needs? How much will it cost?

BEAM AdvantageTM is very flexible. While BEAM AdvantageTM is a complete tool out-of-the-box, it can also be customized to meet the specific marketing and operational needs of organizations of any size. There are user programmable data entry fields at the site and building levels. Most of the pick lists and system settings are easily customizable by our users free of charge. If there are a few things that just don't quite fit your unique needs, we can customize it for you. If you only need one or two additional features, we often provide the customization for free. Users can also hire us at an hourly development rate to meet the specific needs of their organization.

Q10. If I am looking for specific functionality, will Building Envelope Asset ManagerTM build it?

While BEAM AdvantageTM can't commit to building all specific functionality requested by users, new functionality is constantly being built based on the popular demand of current users. Again, users have the option of hiring Building Envelope Asset ManagerTM on an hourly basis to develop company-specific report templates or modify the system to their organization's needs.


II. Security and Reliability

Q1. How reliable is BEAM AdvantageTM?

Our customer databases have been operating continuously since 1997.

Q2. What if my Internet Service Provider has connectivity problems / goes down completely?

The BEAM AdvantageTM Technology Team is committed to working with you to circumvent Internet problems in any way possible. If you frequently experience connectivity problems with your ISP, we suggest looking into an alternative provider or implementing a back-up connectivity plan. With today's necessity for Internet connectivity for so many aspects or business, a back-up Internet connection is essential.

Q3. What is the security advantage of going with a web-based system?

Our company's focus is keeping your data safe and secure. By leaving IT operations to our well-trained professional staff, you can sleep knowing that the most qualified people in the world -- the people who built your system -- are maintaining and backing up your critical data. Furthermore, BEAM AdvantageTM servers operate in high-security, fortified, bunker-like hosting facilities designed to withstand threats ranging from petty theft to national emergencies so that no matter what crisis befalls your company or region, we'll be running, and so will your business.

Q4. How secure is my data on the internet?

All user data is accessed via a secure (128-bit encrypted) website. Our encryption meets industry standards used by Fortune 500 banks, investment companies, etc. We monitor system performance 24 hours a day.

Q5. How often is my data backed up?

All user data is replicated and backed up hourly in each co- location facility. Data is saved to tape once a week for media redundancy. Tapes are stored off-site for further security. We monitor system performance 24 hours a day.

Q6. How much storage space does my company get?

BEAM AdvantageTM provides no limitations on the storage space used by every company.

Q7. Will my information be made available to anyone else for marketing efforts?

No. BEAM AdvantageTM upholds a strict privacy of information policy. We will never sell or disclose your company information to any third party. Your information is used solely for the purpose of providing our services to your company.


III. Pricing and Licensing

Q1. How do you license your products?

BEAM AdvantageTM is licensed by user-defined security to allow users access and / or edit privileges:
  • Administrator – assigns user privileges, global system settings etc.
  • Editor – can view and edit user defined data and reports
  • View Only – can view user defined data and reports

In general, each person should have their own unique login to the system, but in some situations, multiple people can share the same login.

Q2. Who needs a license for the software?

Examples of people needing a license would be your internal staff that need access to client data, data entry personnel and your clients if you choose to offer View Only Customer Portal Access that comes free with the base package.

Q3. How do you price your system?

Customers pay a modest one-time fee which covers database setup, activation and training. The annual subscription can be paid monthly or upfront and includes data backup, unlimited data storage on our servers, technical support, functionality upgrades, unlimited client portal viewer licenses and a free mobile app. For further details on pricing, Click here to CONTACT US or call us toll free at 1-888-508-4353.

Q4. Why is BEAM AdvantageTM so affordable compared to other small-business software?

As a web-based application, BEAM AdvantageTM eliminates most overhead costs associated with the purchase and deployment of traditional shrink-wrapped software. While we believe web-based systems are a superior technical solution, great financial efficiencies are also gained by hosting many customer applications at one location under the management of a single dedicated and qualified technical team. Imagine no longer having to absorb the expense (and stress) of do-it-yourself server hosting, third-party backup solutions, expensive on-site technical staff, and frequent software upgrades. Leverage our team and we'll pass the total-cost-of-ownership savings down to you in the process.

Q5. Can we host our data ourselves?

Yes, but technical support and product enhancements are not included free of charge like with the web-based subscription product. Click CONTACT US or call us toll free at 1-888-508-4353 to connect with a member of our sales team.


IV. Getting Started

Q1. What kind of computer setup do I need on my end?

All you need is a PC or Mac operating either Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher or Safari V. 5 or higher web browser and a reliable internet connection. For optimum performance high-speed internet connection is required - 12 Mbps download / 3 Mbps upload (usually offered by most providers via DSL or Cable).

Q2. Can you convert data from my previous database or spreadsheets?

Most likely. Our associates have a great deal of experience migrating existing company, customer and business contact information into BEAM AdvantageTM. All we need to do is get a backup or sample of the data, and we can confirm this for you.

Q3. When you buy the product is training included?

Yes, In a few hours of personalized web training you can be confident you are knowledgeable of functionality and getting around with ease. We do offer onsite training at additional cost for larger groups. Please contact your BEAM AdvantageTM sales representative for more details.

Q4. How do you handle technical support and upgrades?

Technical support is offered 24/7 via e-mail and 8 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday Eastern Standard Time via toll-free telephone. Upgrades are free for subscription model users and come as a result of our users' common requests.

Q5. How long does it take to really get ramped up using your product?

There are a lot of variables such as your computer skills and knowledge of the roofing business. In general, within a couple of days of using the solution, you should be efficient and after a week or two, you should be proficient. If this is a concern, you may want to consider the optional training.

Q6. Does your product require a fulltime database administrator?

No, but we highly recommend that you appoint one or more people as the “go to” people that will be responsible for the database.

Q7. Does your product integrate with Microsoft Office?

Yes – version 2000 and higher

Q8. Does your product support AutoCAD drawings?

Yes. Any file from any software can be uploaded to BEAM AdvantageTM.  

Q9. What type of electronic drawings does your software support?

JPEG, PNG, and GIF files (any file normally viewable via a modern Web browser) can be viewed in BEAM AdvantageTM. However, any file format (e.g., AutoCAD, Word, Visio, etc.) can be stored in BEAM AdvantageTM then downloaded and viewed on you local device.


V. Company Information

Q1. How long has Propeller Head Software, Inc. been in business?

Propeller Head Software, Inc. has been in business since 1994.

Q2. How do I schedule a demonstration?

Depending on your location, we can meet at your office or we can conduct a live internet demonstration with our sales team. Click here to CONTACT US or call us toll free at 1-888-508-4353. Demonstrations are free and last approximately an hour.

Q3. Do you have a demo CD?

No, we have several videos for viewing at the following link: VIDEOS. The best way to get a better understanding about how BEAM AdvantageTM can improve your business process is to schedule a personalized internet demonstration. This will allow you to see the real live system at work first hand, to ask questions, and to pose “what if” scenarios, etc.

Q4. How can I get more information about your product?

Contact the BEAM AdvantageTM sales team toll free at 888-508-4353 or click here to contact us.

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